SNECS Reviews from Business Owners Across Southern New England

Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what these business owners from RI, MA and CT have to say about us! We proudly provide service for businesses in Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Connecticut. Looking for a reference from a business similar to yours? Check out these SNECS reviews from these business owners that are satisfied with the support we provide to them. We are their local IT team for their business tech support.

Nick Bernfeld happened to come into our office for an eye exam. While he was there he discovered we were having issues with our server. It had been down for almost two weeks causing us severe difficulties. Nick immediately showed his concern for our business and let us know he owned his own IT service company and offered to help us out. Nick assured us he could have us back up and running in 48 hours and was genuinely concerned about the welfare of our office.

Nick and his team came in our office and true to his word we were quickly up and running. Then he reviewed our entire operation and formulated a plan for our needs. He prioritized them so we could systematically improve our entire system.  Now I don’t worry about proper backups, hardware or software issues, virus and malware protection or compliance with new government regulations. They are on top of it.

I was (and still am) impressed by the level of care SNECS provides.  How quickly they learn the software we have that is specific to eye care. They have become an essential partner to us and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs IT services.  They respond quickly and fix the problem the first time.  We have now used Nick and his team for four years. We consistently experience an outstanding level of service and dedication from Nick and his entire team no matter how big or small the problem is. I could not recommend a better IT support company.

Jim Boccuzzi

Founder, O.D and F.A.A.O , Killingly Eye Care

I was referred to SNECS by a good friend of mine. She has used them for years and when I mentioned I was having network issues, she recommended I get in touch with them. My network was a mess and my business was suffering greatly. I had worked with a previous tech company that did not treat me with respect or even seemed to care about my issues. After contacting SNECS they quickly setup an appointment to check out my network. Nick, PJ and Leo came out to my office and proceeded to address my issues as they arose. My previous tech guy did not set me up right and it took a lot to get me back on the right track. SNECS worked with my software company and did everything they could to repair everything as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Now, my business is able to run and anytime I have an issue, SNECS is quick to respond and begin working on my issues ASAP. I know there are other tech companies out there but when it comes to quality and speed, SNECS has proven they are the better choice than the rest of the choices around.

Jacqueline Boisvert

Owner and O.D, Rhode Eyeland

I’ve always been into technology. I used to do software reviews and even some IT consulting for other optometrists. I’m in my third location now. I got the network setup and I have a Windows Small Business server to do the domain. The problem for me is I know enough to get stuff done but it’s not what I do for a living. If I had a problem I could fix it, but it would sometimes take me a couple of hours of Googling or reading the Microsoft official documentation but I don’t have it built into me. I had a lot of these little annoyances going on and I was getting tired of dealing with it. I knew my server was getting too old and I needed to do something about it.

I saw an ad in my association’s newsletter for SNECS so I had Paul and Leo come down to take a look at what I had. They analyzed my setup and gave me a security report. I decided that the prices for support were reasonable and it has taken a big load off my responsibilities. Now when these little things happen, instead of my staff asking me for help, they email SNECS and it’s taken care of. I’ve been really happy. SNECS has an understanding of a lot of the equipment and applications optometrists use. They are very easy to work with, very nice and the support is top-notch. They take good care of their clients.

Hal Ostrom

Owner and Optometrist, Clinton Eye Associates

While attending a conference with my colleagues, I met Paul. We began talking and I expressed my concerns with my current tech support company. He offered to do an evaluation of my practice and I’m glad I took him up on that offer. During the evaluation, he pointed out many issues that my current IT guy was not addressing. My server was old and outdated, I had no backup system in place, no security for my network, and all my Nidek devices were not working together with Revolution EHR. Paul and his team also quickly realized that we were victims of the CryptoLocker virus (another thing my previous IT guy did not protect me from) and expressed how important backups are.

I went with Paul and his team at SNECS as my new IT support company. I am passionate about technology and they have my advanced devices working the way they should now. I have all my Nidek hardware like my Optomap, Refractor, and Auto-Lensmeter working with my Revolution EHR which was something my previous tech guy couldn’t get working. I am happy my network is secure and I have the peace of mind that I have backups of all my important information. Everything that Paul pointed out in the original visit has now been corrected and is working the way it should. I recommend Paul and his team to anyone in the medical field, especially other optometrists.

Lily Yeh

Owner, Emily Eye Care

I met Paul and Nick back at the Lincoln Mall. We were neighbors there for a short while and we worked with them then. When we moved to our new location, I was told that this IT guy from Virginia was the guy to call to get setup with my new EHR software. I hired him and he did what he needed to in the beginning. Then, he kinda disappeared, we didn’t know where he went. When this guy fell off the radar, I told my internal IT guy to give Paul a call to see what he could do to keep us going as far as our computers went. We got fully onboard and they continue to do a great job. They are there when we need them and they come right out if there is an issue to take care of it. I’ve been really happy with them. SNECS is very progressive. They know what is going on in the healthcare field and they know what I need to do to keep me from getting fines from the ‘HIPAA Police’. I trust them to keep us on track and to keep us out of trouble.

John Pugliese

Owner, Pugliese Family Eye Care

I called SNECS back in 2012 when my server crashed and my business was dead in the water. I had a tech guy I used to call but he was only one man and was not able to keep up with my IT needs. He built my server but when it crashed, he was unable to get it working again. When I called SNECS and told them my situation, they sent a tech out immediately. Dennis came out and was able to get my server up and running without losing any data. However, parts were failing and they let me know that it was not built to handle what my business truly needed. Paul and his team custom built a server for my business and expedited the install date. This gave me the peace of mind I needed because I did not want to continue running OfficeMate and the rest of my business off of a failing piece of equipment. After the new server was installed, they verified my software was working and everything was good to go. Since then, I have continued to use SNECS for my computer maintenance and repairs. The entire crew there is always so helpful and attentive to my needs.

Hope Marandola

Owner and O.D, Plainfield Vision Care Center

When I met Nick, I was in need of IT support and he needed an accountant. I had gone through 4 other IT providers and I made all the mistakes. I hired the guy that does it on the side, I had a friend help me out, and other companies that just didn’t have the time for me when I needed them most. My previous guy didn’t treat me as a partner, more like an invoice and I had had enough. When Nick and Paul came to my business, they checked out my setup, made their recommendation and spoke to me in plain English. I was done with the horror shows. I decided to go with Southern New England Computer Services. Now, I don’t worry about IT anymore. They keep up with my needs and have made me more efficient and productive. They set me up with Quad monitors in my office and their attention to detail is great. When my clients come in, they see both sides of my computer. With everything so neat and organized, right down to the wires, my clients are really wowed. Technology means a lot in my business and I know I can rely on them to keep me focused on my work and not worrying about my computers anymore.

Jonathan Ucran

Owner, Jonathan Ucran, CPA

When we were moving forward into the technological era with our practice, we invested in our EHR and needed to partner with an IT company. Not only a company to get computers from, but one to also manage the network and the new machines. We were looking for a local company that understood our specific needs, concerns and would be there for us if we needed help. After calling about a dozen companies and meeting with half of them, our final choice was SNECS. They understood what we needed right away and it was very clear Nick and Paul knew what they were talking about. We never had this kind of a relationship with an outside group before. Having the ability to call and ask for a tech by name and get an immediate response was a huge deciding factor. Some of the doctors were worried about turning over that responsibility to someone else. We wanted the consistency of having someone that is going to know how to help, or if they can’t, they will figure it out and get back to you. It makes a big difference.

Kristin Poshkus

Partner, Women's Internal Medicine

When I first opened my business, I needed someone local to take care of the business’s computer and security needs. Because my office is medical, it was important to have someone that would help me stay within HIPAA guidelines. That’s when I reached out to SNECS. Right from the beginning, everybody was great. They made sure that we were taken care of and all the stuff we didn’t know or understand, they explained to us. Any problems we had, they were right on top of it, all the time. When we moved, they helped us transition and upgrade to a bigger database. There were no hiccups in our system, and that was great. They are fast at resolving any issues we have and I have little to no downtime.

Melissa Escobar

Owner and Physical Therapist, Complete Body Physical Therapy

When I was in need of some business tech support, I called SNECS to do a network overview. I had worked with SNECS when they only had a few techs and watched them grow to what they are today. I never had any problems with them. What I really liked is that they are very aware of the whole HIPAA privacy act and the requirements that we needed in terms of our security. Everyone gets trained, everyone stays on top of all the newest issues and that’s really important to me. They have a passion for it and want to do the best that they can and it shows.

Sandra Bell

General Manager / Health & Wellness Consultant, MEDI Weightloss

Last year we realized the tech we had for many years was no longer enough to support the computers and network at all my locations. I was very happy with him but he was one man trying to do it all. When I had multiple locations having tech issues at the same time, he couldn’t be in two places at once. He also was not properly trained in IT. He was someone that worked in my business and knew enough to get us by when there was an issue. After a few Google searches, I found SNECS. I called and scheduled an onsite evaluation. They met with me and checked out all my stores. I was so impressed with the professionalism and considerate attitude of Paul, Nick and Dennis that I decided to take them on. They worked with my tech guy to transition into their maintenance plan. When it came time to clean, update, reprogram and reconfigure the registers, networks and servers at all my stores, a team of six techs, including Nick and Paul were on call and ready to work. They worked with us to do it after our stores closed to avoid any business downtime. As we transitioned to a new Point of Sales software, they worked with our new software vendor. For the past year, any speed bump I have run into with technology, I have had SNECS there to take control and get me out of a jam. I have never met such a team of eager and enthusiastic individuals. I know how to run my business and they know how to run my technology. I personally recommend that any business looking to get their IT under control to contact SNECS.

Chris Gasbarro

Owner, Chris Gasbarro's Fine Wine and Spirits

I cannot recommend the SNECS team highly enough!! I was impressed from the very first moment SNECS responded to our request for a proposal. Nick, Paul and members of their team conducted a thorough on-site audit of our computer network, hardware and software. They quickly familiarized themselves with our needs, software and layout and demonstrated an immediate understanding of the challenges that we were facing. Once SNECS was selected to replace our existing vendor, they immediately set up a solid transition plan and handle it all expertly. The transition could not have gone smoother – the changeover was completely seamless with no interruption to our business activities! Now, we are firmly settled into an excellent working relationship.

SNECS monitors our network and upgrade needs remotely and acts to address those off hours. Every request we have made for support has been handled promptly by a friendly and experienced technician. SNECS keeps impeccable service records on their end so there’s never been an insistence of having to explain our problem a second time. I have worked with several IT vendors in the past, and truly, the SNECS team outperforms other IT vendors on all counts. You will not regret making the decision to work with Nick, Paul and the SNECS team. They care about your business as much as you do!

Lori Viner

Operations Director, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Ocean State

In late 2014, our business was looking to improve the speed of accessing computer data between our showroom and headquarters locations. Around that same time, a business associate referred us to Southern New England Computer Services, knowing it would be a perfect fit for our growing business and network. We met with representatives from SNECS and they came out and setup a virtual private network between the two locations. They provide excellent customer support and I am always confident that when I have an IT issue, I’m only one email away from assistance. Someone gets back to me very quickly and I never have to worry that I am going to lose productivity or experience computer downtime. I just email the support backup team and the experts take over.  Working with SNECS goes beyond just getting help when you’re in IT trouble. There is an added value in the educational component they provide to their customers. I love their Executive IT Insider newsletter. It provides valuable tech news that is relevant and informative which enables Cabinet Gallery to effectively plan for changes and upgrades. Working with the team at Southern New England Computers has exceeded our expectations.

Jeannine Dugan

Accounting Manager, Cabinet Gallery

I met Nick and the SNECS team in 2011. I was in need of some IT organization and it was not something I could easily do alone. Nick and his techs came to my office and documented all the system specifications for each PC. They also numbered each computer and created a network map to correspond to my building layout and where every machine is located. As time went on, I began to use SNECS for more and more IT projects like creating backup solutions for my machinery, new workstations and servers, and recently, a long range wireless link between two of my buildings. They are familiar with my Amada setup and working with our Mietrak systems. I would recommend SNECS to any business in need of quality and personal IT support.

Peter Stone

Vice President, Precision Engineering Inc.

We recently moved our office to a larger one. We needed to transport our computers and other equipment. There was no way we could have done that ourselves. We called SNECS to help us. With their help, we were back in business in less than a day. With a lot of careful planning it was a very smooth move. SNECS has always been there for us. It is very important, given our growth to really make sure that the security is there and to have the dependability of being able to call anytime and know someone is available. Response from SNECS is always immediate. That’s key for us, knowing that we have the ability to keep going if something happens.

Laura Davis

Payroll Expert, dSi Payroll

When I first called SNECS, I was in dire need of help. I use wireless tracking to keep tabs on my livestock here at the farm. I had a surge and when my network went down, everything stopped. Paul came to my rescue and setup a new wireless network with a better range that reaches from my office to the barn. He also put in battery backups on all my PCs and network equipment in case this happened again. Since then, I have had my systems upgraded and expanded my farm. Paul’s team has been with me each step of the way. If there is anything “techy” that I need, I know who to call. They are so fast to fix my computers and extremely helpful with any questions I have. I have never had a service provider care so much about the health of my business. With all the new security threats out there, I know my network is in good hands.

Elizabeth Dulude

Office Administrator, Wright's Dairy Farm

Nick and his team have been working with us since 2009. We called them in to save the data from our server and create a backup plan for our database. After the first service call, we found that the offered other support options. I could call them and have them fix my computer through their remote service software. At that time, I would call for help with general issues like viruses and trouble with PeachTree. Over the years, my business has grown and SNECS has helped me each step of the way. I now use them for new computers, network maintenance and any tech related issue. Because they are local, I get rapid responses to my questions and immediate service when I call or email. They have worked on my issues late at night so I could work uninterrupted during the day and came in early when I was in dire need. They go above and beyond any other tech company I have ever worked with.

Don Fox

President, Alashan Cashmere

Wanted to just thank everyone that just saved my computer this past week! I could not believe you guys were able to get me back to normal in time for my closing. This is why I will never go with anyone else! The level of dedication you gave me when I was under the gun was AMAZING! You guys always go above and beyond my expectations. I know I can always count on you for my home or office issues. For over 10 years you guys have been my go-to tech support. Keep up the incredible work and I love everyone’s upbeat attitude. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble!

Scott McGee

Partner, The Sterns/McGee Team: RE/MAX Properties

We first dealt with SNECS many years ago and have continued to do business with them ever since. Nick, as well as his staff, have been problem-solvers and our go-to company for computer hardware, software, and other IT needs. Highly recommended.

Raymond Angell

Manager, L. Sweet Lumber

A few years ago I called SNECS for a free onsite evaluation. They came in and were very professional. They checked our server, the network and all the computers we had. They gave us a quote for maintenance and their recommended upgrades to our office. We are a non-profit organization so the budget is always a high priority. We opted to go for a cheaper provider. After working with the alternative provider for about a year, we were fed up. We did not feel the technician we hired was qualified enough to manage our IT. This is when we reached out to SNECS again. They came back out and re-evaluated our network. They let us know what needed to be corrected and prioritized those needs based on urgency. Since then, we have relied on the business team of SNECS to take care of our technology while we focus on our operation. We have learned that when it comes to service and support, you get what you pay for and going cheaper is not the best option.

Terry Curtin

Executive Director, Connecting with Children and Families

I met Nick and Paul from SNECS in 2012.
Back before they took over as our IT specialists, we had a full time in-house IT guy. Even though he was
there often, there were still many problems with our network, our servers and the overall health of our
IT equipment.
Since SNECS has taken over as our IT Department, we have gone from needing someone here all week
to now only one day a week. Even if a project or emergency comes up unexpected, we can quickly call a
tech onsite (or handle remotely) to deal with our issues. They continue to steer our tech needs in the
right direction and guide us towards the best solutions available.
I highly recommend SNECS services and IT help.

Marc Caron

V.P of Manufacturing, W.R. Cobb Company

In 2013 we needed a server to get our business files and security in order. We needed to setup permissions for our employees based on their role in the company. We received a quote from SNECS and decided to go with them. Not only because of the quality of the hardware but because they saw what else we needed. They accounted for not just the server but also the other equipment we needed to get our network up to speed. As our business grew, we used SNECS to keep up with the latest technology to keep my employees working fast and efficiently. We invested in Solid State Drives and laptops with high end graphics so our engineers could work faster and create the best work possible. We love to use technology to improve our business and in turn, the quality of our products. Since our initial meeting with the SNECS team, our business has doubled in size and we had to upgrade to a new location. SNECS has been with us along the way as we transitioned and transformed into the business we are today.

Eric Freitas

Owner, Control Automation Group

I started working with Paul and Nick in 2011. Originally, we were in need of some wireless in the building. With our warehouse and offices all in need of interconnecting, we needed the help of some professionals. After they set us up with our new equipment, we could use wireless devices in the warehouse which gave us more flexibility. Now, we put computers in the warehouse floor and use wireless devices for inventory control. We initially used the SNECS crew as our “go-to” guys for any tech problem on demand. Now, they manage my entire business network continuously and provide the advice I need to move my business technology forward.

George Celorier

President, Heat-Flo

The staff at Southern New England Computer Services is great!  They are all very helpful, friendly and professional – it’s nice doing business with a well run company!

Debbie Zinck

General Manager, Soucy Insurance Agency