Are You Ready To Regain Control Over Your Business Technology?

Attention Business Owners!

Stop Your Employees From Shopping Online, Posting To Social Media and Other Activities That Make Them Hide Their Screens When You Walk By!

You just gave your staff an extra 6-week paid vacation to check in with friends on Facebook, expose your company’s valuable trade secrets from smartphones, watch cat videos, send résumés to your competitors, and download porn – all on your time, and your dime… That’s right: if a full-time employee wastes just ONE measly hour each day, it equals 250 hours burned – 6 weeks of paid time – on non-work-related activities. Don’t let your employees take advantage of YOUR technology anymore! Implement an Internet Usage Policy in your business.


Three major benefits to having an Internet Usage Policy are:

1. Regain control over the time you are paying for. Your business needs to be productive to generate money. Stop paying for unproductive hours in the day.

2. Safeguard your business from theft, embezzlement, and other financial harm. You can prevent compliance issues by providing evidence in the event of a lawsuit in your workplace regarding your company’s information.

3. Remove the excuse that an employee “didn’t know they couldn’t do that” on company property and time. Avoid possible law enforcement issues by establishing transparent rules and explaining the risks with improper use of digital assets within your business.

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