Service Level Agreement (SLA) During Business Hours

Priority & Issue Severity Are Determined by the MSP

First Response & Support Tier Starting Point
Priority Estimated First Response Support Tier Starting Point
Urgent 15 Minutes or Less  Tier 3
High 15 Minutes or Less  Tier 2
Medium 15 Minutes or Less  Tier 1
Low 15 Minutes or Less  Tier 1
Escalation & Resolution Timeframe
Priority Estimated Escalation Threshold Estimated Resolution Timeframe
Urgent 30 Minutes  8 Hours or Less
High 1 Hour  12 Hours or Less
Medium 2 Hours  24 Hours or Less
Low 3 Hours  48 Hours or Less
Support Tiers
Support Tier Description
Tier 1 All support incidents begin in Tier 1, where the initial trouble ticket is created, the issue is identified and clearly documented, and basic hardware/software troubleshooting is initiated.
Tier 2 All support incidents that cannot be resolved with Tier 1 Support are escalated to Tier 2, where more complex support on hardware/software issues can be provided by more experienced Engineers.
Tier 3 Support Incidents that cannot be resolved by Tier 2 Support are escalated to Tier 3, where support is provided by the most experienced Engineers who can collaborate with 3rd Party (Vendor) Support to resolve the most complex issues.
Issue Severity
Issue Severity Users Affected

(Between 75% to 100%)

Users Affected

(Between 25%-75%)

Users Affected

(Less than 25%)

Critical Business Service Function

(Business Stopped)

Urgent High High
Significant Degradation of Service

(Business Cannot Function, Drastically Slowed)

High Medium Medium
Limited Degradation of Service

(Business Can Function, Slowed)

Medium Low Low
No Service Degradation

(Business Can Function Normally)

Low Low Low